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Write for Us- Fashion, Technology, Travel, Home and Garden

Here on VoucherGate, we encourage talented writers to submit their writings on different areas, including fashion and clothing, beauty, travel, technology and home improvement. You can increase and improve your SERP ranking by writing high-quality content and the website's related categories. We will decide after reviewing the article as worth publishing and own the right of rejection if it does not meet the quality and standards.

Guidelines for Submitting your Post


  1. The contributing writers need to follow the following guidelines to write for us. These are the must-follow rules if you are thinking of writing and submitting your material for our website.

  2. Your content should be around 1000 – 1500 words.

  3. Your work must be original, and your content will be rejected if it is copied.

  4. Your content should be free of any spelling and grammatical errors, and Copyscape passed.

  5. If we find content posted somewhere else, it will be deleted instantly.

  6. Provide references from authentic and credible sources if you mention any statistics, details or other important information.
  7. Your content should be SEO-friendly.

  8. Include photos that are relevant to your content and royalty-free.

  9. We own the right to edit your work according to the requirement.

  10. After your content gets published, you will receive its live URL.

Characteristics of a Quality Content

  • A good content writer and quality content are niche-specific and expert.

  • A good writer should keep themselves informed of current affairs, trends and situations, which is also necessary to improve one's content.

  • Your work should be engaging and start with a strong beginning so the readers can delve straight into it.

  • Make your work captivating by choosing a catchy and attractive title. You can begin your title with "how" and "why".

  • Ideal content has correct and appropriate use of keywords to make it SEO-worthy.

Top Categories of Vouchergate:


We appreciate our guest writers writing on all of the supported categories of our website. However, some of the popular categories on Vouchergate for “Write for us” include:

Write for Us Fashion:

You can contribute by writing fashion blogs for us, which are women's most-read categories. Feel free to share your amazing fashion tips, hacks, and the latest fashion trends, from formal to casual fashion guides.

How to Get Reached to us 

  • Write for us + fashion
  • Write for us + “fashion wear”
  • Trend on fashion “submit a guest post”
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Write for Us Beauty:

If you are a makeup lover, you don't need to go anywhere because the audience here is keen and desperate to know your money-saving makeup hacks and your choice of products.

To Get on our page, use this:

  • Beauty “submit a guest post”
  • Beauty and skin “guest post”
  • skincare “guest post by
  • Beauty care + “accepting guest posts”
  • skincare hacks + “guest post guidelines”

Write for Us Travel:

We welcome and encourage travel bloggers on Vouchergate to write about their travel experiences and suggest travelling tips (including must-have travel essentials, ways to avoid travel anxiety and health care tips during traveling) and places to visit on vacations solo or with family and honeymoons.

Queries to Get in touch With VoucherGate

  • “write for us” + Travel
  • “Write to us” + travelling
  • “contributors” + Accomodation
  • “inurl:/blog + Travel detination + “write for us”
  • “Write for us” + “reservations”

Write for Us Lifestyle

You can make a guest post contribution by writing about tips on healthy lifestyle habits, including daily exercise, meditation methods, planning work's daily agenda and food choices in diet, self-care activities, workout tips, DIY gift ideas, self-care ideas for mothers, working women and college going students.

Write for Us Technology

As a tech geek, you can write about technology, its latest and newest trends, and tips on buying and using technological gadgets.

Write for Us Sports

Share your tips on sports essentials, equipment and the latest news and trends on sports like football, baseball, cricket, tennis, health care and exercise tips for the health maintenance of sportspeople and athletes and even useful training tips.

Write for Us Home and Garden Improvement

You can share your home and outdoor improvement tips and suggestions as an interior or exterior designer. Share your likeable interior and exterior styling ideas and methods. As a gardening lover, you can share your useful gardening tips and benefit the readers and increase your SERP of the content.

Write for Us Healht and Fitenss

As a health and fitness frantic, you can make a guest post contribution by writing about tips and tricks on healthy lifestyle habits, including daily exercise, fitness diest and tips, meditation methods, planning work's daily agenda and food choices in diet.

Find us on Search Result


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Submit Guest posts in Following Categories:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Kids and Toddlers
  3. Sports
  4. Home and Garden
  5. Beauty and Health
  6. Travel
  7. Fashion and Clothing
  8. Electronics and Gadgets
  9. Office Supplies
  10. Food and Beverages
  11. Furniture

Search for the below Keywords for Guest Posts


  • Inurl:”write-for-us” + “your keyword”
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Advanced Search Lists for Guest Posts Sites:

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How to submit Guest Posts?


Submit your work to @voucherGate. It will take up to a few hours per day to assess your work based on the prior mentioned criterion. You will get notified about the publication after its review.